My name is Maria. I am 26 years old, and I was recently bitten by the travel bug. Apart from a month in the US and a week on my own in the Scottish Highlands 8 years ago, I really haven’t done much traveling – and when I’ve been out, it’s always been on somebody else’s agenda.

That changed this past winter, when I and a good friend went abroad for 3,5 months starting in Singapore, almost 3 months in New Zealand, a week in Fiji and a week in Australia. In New Zealand we bought a car in Auckland, and proceeded to drive all over the country for the next couple of months. It was a Honda Odyssey station wagon that we had a proper bed installed in, and we simply lived in the car. Total, utter freedom – new places every day (at least until we based ourselves in Queenstown for a month of work). I absolutely loved it!

Since then, I’ve been itching to get going again. Preferably road tripping – top priorities are to cover most of Europe and the US. I want to experience the landscapes, food (and beer!), languages and history of the places I visit. Everything from US nationalparks to tiny, 500-year-old European villages.

I am starting this blog (and hopefully a life with much more traveling) with a weekend in Prague this month!