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  • acacia africa
In July this year I went to South Africa to spend a week on a truck with 23 other people, driving from Johannesburg to Durban on the east coast. I...
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  • swaziland horse ride
When I was in Swaziland I stayed at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. There I got the chance to go out with two other girls from my tour group on a 2...
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  • glenorchy new zealand
Traveling through New Zealand I had a few absolute, don’t care about the cost, will not go home without it, must do’s. One of them was renting a helicopter for...
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  • anholt
I spent a weekend with a good friend from way back on the island of Anholt, which is, she informed me, the place that is furthest away from anything else...
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  • carlsberg copenhagen
Carlsberg Brewery lies in Valby, Copenhagen, and the place is open every day to the public. You can go for the exhibition and brewery tour (guided or non-guided), take a...
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