Finally booked my next big(ish) outing, where this time I’m going to Italy for a 2 week combined rail- and roadtrip. I am so excited that I am this (two fingers almost touching) close to jumping up and down while clapping and making squeaky noises.
I have set up a few goals for this trip, as I think it’s a good idea to have a purpose with your travels other than just wander aimlessly (although that can be a goal in itself sometimes). First and foremost:

I want to eat so much Italian pizza, pasta and gelato that instead of having to fly home, they can simply lay me down on the top of one of the Dolomites, give me a push and watch me roll all the way back to Denmark. We’ll see how that goes.

Secondly, I want to learn a little bit of Italian. I already know ‘ciao’ and ‘cappucino’ and I’ve got all the hand waving down, which, I am fairly certain, is the most important part of the language anyway.

Thirdly, I really hope that I will stumble upon some off the beaten path patch of land somewhere along the way. There are so many of the very popular sights that I want to see, that this might almost be the hardest goal to achieve?! All of Italy is new to me apart from Rome where I have been once before, so for this round 2 (or Rome 2, haha), I might have a chance at getting outside the tourist spots and see the city from a different angle.

Antikt som resten af byen


The Ryanair flights I wanted had gone up with almost 200 DKK since I checked last week. Almost all my inner voices are shouting ‘I told you so!’. Also took a rundown of individual train prices on my route versus the cost of an Interrail pass with 8 travel days. As far as I can tell buying the tickets individually, even on day of departure, will cost about half as much. Suck it Ryanair, I’ll just save somewhere else..

Speaking of saving, I elected to only bring hand luggage along instead of having to check in. This limits me, with Ryanair, to 10 kilos in a suitcase and a small bag along with that, which as far as I can tell has no weight restrictions. Should pack straightening iron and extra bricks in that one. Or, well, I might leave the bricks at home, but I am religious about hair straightening, and I will need 2 pairs of shoes and a sporty outfit for proposed hiking trips. I promise to take pictures if my suitcase bursts in the airport.

By the way, these pictures were taken by my cousin many years ago on that first trip to Rome. I absolutely love the one with the old car!


Booked a bunch of hostels in Firenze, Cinque Terre and Rome. I’m planning on winging it when I drive around Tuscany and Amalfi. Will discover in due time if that is the biggest mistake ever (this will be in the beginning of October so it can’t be that bad?!). So far it’s been cheaper than expected – used Agoda and Airbnb.

My itinerary is going to go something like this: Firenze – Cinque Terre – Tuscany – Rome – Amalfi Coast, and as I’m relying on guidebooks and Pinterest for stuff to do and see, suggestions on do’s and advice on don’t’s are gratefully accepted!

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