My name is Maria, I am 27 years old and I live in Denmark. I realized about two years ago that the world is a very big place, and I have seen way too little of it. Since then I’ve been traveling as much as I can.

Most memorable travel experience so far has been the trip that sparked the wanderlust: 3 and a half months traveling by car through New Zealand, with layovers and short trips to Singapore, Fiji and Australia. My 5 week solo road trip through South East USA and my very first African safari are also up there!

I have an all-encompassing interest in the US, and will be returning to that country many times in the future. So far I’ve been liking moving about, rather than staying in the same place for too long. I have a whole bunch of European, Asian and African countries I want to visit.

Travel plans 2018:

Summer: Mexico
August: Scotland Highlands/Hebrides roadtrip