Churches Galore in Lübeck, Germany

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In December last year I went to Lübeck, Germany mainly to see their gorgeous Christmas market. It turns out though that Lübeck is also a very pretty city outside its...
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Chinatown & Mosaic Lights in San Francisco

From Coit Tower I continued down through the city towards Chinatown and further on to Grace Cathedral, on this little walk around San Francisco. It had started foggy, but had...
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Budget Breakdown: 2 Weeks in Italy

I wrote down any and everything I spent money on when I was in Italy for two weeks, because I wanted to be able to tell more accurately what my...
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Kilmainham Gaol & The Best Cakes in Town, Dublin

On a beautiful, clear and very cold morning I found a bus that would take me from midtown out to Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin. This was my final morning in...
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My 12 Favourite Books from 2016

I feel like I read a lot of books in 2016. Part of the reason was that I was traveling in New Zealand for a couple of months where data...
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A Twisted Route to Coit Tower, San Francisco

I had planned a walking route through downtown San Francisco that would take me past most of the big tourist sights and should keep me busy for most of the...
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Hand Luggage Traveler’s Beauty Guide

Ever wondered how much you could actually fit into that little 1 liter plastic bag you get at the airport? I sure did when I started traveling hand luggage only....